What is a barebones PC and why would you want one?

Buying a new computer can be a tricky business, as there are so many options available, so many specifications to peruse. Even if you know what you are looking for, finding a computer that meets your every need can prove to be impossible. Even worse, should you find a computer with the exact specification you require – a rarity in itself – you might find the price tag places it out of reach. High-specification desktop computers, particularly gaming computers, can run into four figures incredibly quickly, making them a huge investment for any individual to consider. A barebones computer, however, provides a real alternative, providing you can apply a little bit of know-how to craft it into something marvellous!

A barebones computer is a partially assembled system or a set of computer parts, that can be purchased in place of an actual pre-designed desktop computer. They provide the items needed to run a basic system, such as the processor and power supply. Such systems retail at very affordable prices, allowing almost anyone to gain a foot in the doorway of being in possession of a new desktop computer. It provides a welcome bridge for most users between the potentially arduous and labour-intensive plight of making a new desktop computer from scratch, using only individually bought components and an awful lot of technically know-how. Instead, it provides a base to work from, allowing you to focus on customisation.

If you consider your own use of the computer, the sorts of programs you are likely to run and the features you deem to be important, it is easy to come up with a list of factors that you will want to incorporate into your new desktop computer. Perhaps you are a gamer at heart, meaning you need a large HD monitor, a powerful processor and a great graphics card. To buy a gaming computer, you might be faced with an eye-watering expenditure, as such systems can retail at three times the cost of a standard personal computer. Yet, by utilising the benefits of a barebones system, you can then purchase the individual components you require – at prices far cheaper than you might expect – and put them together yourself. The result is a computer than is specifically designed to meet your own individual needs, and one that is often worth significantly more than the investment you have had to make to acquire it!