Mini Notebook Computers – Smaller, But Still Worth The Cost

Mini notebook computers are becoming more and much more common. The extremely small size makes them more portable than other styles of notebook computers, and the fact that they almost always have wireless capabilities built in makes it easy for you to get via the internet pretty much anywhere you are that has a wi-fi hot spot. However, there are some things to keep in mind before getting your own mini notebook.

These kinds of computers are made so small because the internal components are usually either made smaller or they are lacking a few features. Most mini notebook computers are not particularly powerful, and many of them lack some components that you could be used to having on your regular desktop or standard sized notebook.

One thing that is missing a great deal of models of mini notebook is a CD or DVD drive. This is a feature that many people have gotten used to having on their other larger computers, many mini notebook computers lack this component. This not only reduces the cost, but also contributes to their smaller size. No CD or DVD drive should not be an issue unless you plan to do a great deal of work on your mini notebook, and even then you may use a thumb drive for. However, you can find external CD and DVD drives that connect via USB if this can be a problem for you.

These types of computers also generally have smaller hard drives. Don’t be surprised if most of the models you look at have hard drives that have between 10 GB and 60 GB of storage. The less gigabytes on the hard drive, the less disks there are within the drive, which contributes to them being smaller. Again, this is another setback that could be fixed with the use of an external lookup. External hard drives above 500 GB can be found somewhat easily these days, and relatively affordably.

Something else to keep in mind is that chances are these computers will not be very powerful graphically. This is not an issue that can be fixed easily, so if you’re looking for a notebook computer to play games on regularly, then one of these is probably not your answer. Normal sized notebooks may be found with decent video cards and CPUs affordably these days, that’s probably a better idea for you if you’re looking to run graphically tasking programs or games.

While mini notebook computers do have their uses, they also have their setbacks. If you’re looking for computer simply to use the Internet and run some applications while you are on the road, then this type of computers likely for you. However, if you’re looking to run more high-end applications that it could be better idea to go with a standard sized notebook.