Are Desktop Computers Becoming Obsolete?

Ever since Apple popularized desktop computers in the late 1970’s, they’ve been the top end units when it came to storage, ability and power. Any power user who played the newest games, does heavy graphics design and large scale number processing had to have the best desktop computer system available. Due to heat constraints, and size limitations, laptops had slower processors, less hard drive space and less memory even though they were considerably more expensive. But with advances in technology, better heat distribution and fast low power processors, desktops just aren’t as relevant as they used to be. However, this begs the question, are desktops obsolete?

There’s no denying that laptops and tablets are a lot easier to carry around which means users can take their computers with them wherever they need to go. Many schools, hotels, restaurants and areas such as public parks and airports have Wi-Fi connections for their customers and visitors which means that anyone with a laptop or even a smart phone can get online. . Portable devices can now be used to surf the ‘net, use instant messaging, doing emails and many other functions have essentially replaced the need for a fixed system. For those who aren’t in the power user category, this means desktop computers aren’t really necessary.

Also, laptop computers today have multi-core processors, have several gigabytes of RAM and have huge hard drives. Couple these with a high end graphics processor chip which many manufacturers are doing and a laptop will do games and graphics work just as well as any desktop computer available. All it takes to make it a full replacement for desktop systems is to have a docking station which makes it easy to add multiple screens, a full sized keyboard and mouse and you’re done. Even prices for laptops are extremely reasonable now. This means that you can now get a laptop with a triple or quad core processor, a 350 gig hard drive and 4 gigs of RAM is actually quite easy to do.

Unfortunately, desktops still have the ability to do things that simply can’t be done with a laptop. Desktops have slots designed to handle expansion cards to add functionality such as firewire cards, additional USB ports, RAID controllers and multiple graphics cards by simply opening the case and popping in the card. Also, desktops are much easier to add memory and hard drive capacity as well as doing upgrades such as replacing a CD-ROM drive with a Blu-ray. Repairs for desktop computers are a lot less expensive as well Even a main board replacement with a processor upgrade is usually less than $ 200.

While mobile devices and laptops are replacing desktops in a lot of respects, there is still a need for desktop computers in many cases, especially in the office and for gamers. Regardless of the fact that laptops are taking advantage of advanced technology, desktop systems are still easier to upgrade and expand and still give you more computer for your dollar. Even though desktops have been replaced for a lot of users, they’re nowhere near obsolete.